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Round Of Words ~ limping along

Well, I’m a day late posting my ROW update again. I’d love to have a good excuse for not getting this posted on Sunday, but I don’t have one. Sunday was a very lazy day for me. I got some things done, but not a whole lot. Most of the day was taken up by relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Then again, I spent the latter half of last week taking care of the Future Mr. Wyrm. That sounds like the best excuse reason of all. Without going into much detail, he had to have some work done on his knee, which resulted in a definite reduction in movement capability for him. (His recovery is looking great so far, and thankfully the doctor doesn’t foresee any difficulties.) Between taking care of him and the not-quite-but-almost-panic on my part of wondering how things would turn out and would he be okay, I needed a recuperation day. Or five. (But I don’t get five, alas.)

Anyway, the list of things that didn’t get done for the ROW list I had set up last week is larger than the list of things that did get done. But I did learn one important thing: when health issues come up, the rest of the list can easily go out the window without any lasting harm.

This also means that I have decided not to list my goals for this week. They are mostly personal goals, and are things I need to do in order to take care of him and us. As far as life goals go, though, the wedding planning is one of the few things on my ROW list which did not suffer last week. In fact, having him home and a “captive audience,” so to speak, meant that more got done over the past few days than in the couple of weeks prior.

Thank goodness for small favors, right?


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