WIP Weds ~ 2.27.13

It’s been a while since I’ve done a WIP Weds post, so it’s time and then some for me to write one now! Plus, I have a bunch of stuff to show you.

Here’s my first Starflower sock. It’s the only project in this post that you’ve probably seen. I have the second one started, but not very far, so it’s not included in the picture. The sock blockers are new, too, something I bought from Stitches West last weekend.

WIP Weds 2-27-13

And this is the shrug I’ve been working on. It’s the “Something Lacy Shrug“, and I’m knitting it from some Malabrigo I bought from Seanna Lea’s stash sale. Love the yarn, love the pattern (so far)! I’ve finished knitting the bulk of it, and have blocked it out. Now I need to seam up the arms and then do the sleeve and body ribbing. Hope that part goes well…

WIP Weds 2-27-13

Next we have a Baby Surprise Jacket I’m making for my sister’s new baby. I think it’s due in July, so hopefully this is as quick a knit as everyone says. I bought the yarn (Indulgence 6-ply) at Stitches West, and I’m hoping it does more striping than it has so far. We’ll see. I don’t know this pattern yet, so I don’t know how it works up. On the other hand, if this is less of a striped jacket and more of a random color one, that’s okay too.

WIP Weds 2-27-13

Last thing is the “Can You Spare A Square” stuff I’m helping a friend out with. I just got the stuff in the mail, and I’ll knit a square or three and then send it back to her. Should be fun. I just got it, though, so I haven’t even wound the yarn. However, I’ll be starting it as soon as I have the chance to wind the yarn, so it’s as good as a WIP.

WIP Weds 2-27-13

That’s it for this week. How’s your Wednesday going so far?


4 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ 2.27.13

  1. mrspao says:

    What a lovely lot of WIPs you have on the go.

  2. kathy b says:

    WOW I LOVE seeing your knit ups!!!!
    Your shrug is amazing amazing amazing
    Let me know if you like the Zimmerman pattern

  3. Seriously, your knitting WIP are to die for. I like your new sock blockers to…gotta love the dragons 🙂 I really need to get back into knitting, it’s just so hot here in the desert knit wear is hardly needed. Sigh.

  4. Chris says:

    Love the Starflower sock!! So pretty. Awesome sock blockers, too – mine have… cats. You are soooo surprised. Not.

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