Round Of Words, Week Whatever

You may remember that the past two weeks of the Round Of Words did not go so well for me. Well, this coming week isn’t likely to, either. However, unlike last week, I am not going to write it off completely, I am going to instead trim down my goals a lot.

Without going into details, this week there’s a scheduled thing my guy and I have which could impact a part of a day, or could completely take out the last half of the week. So, I’m planning for flexibility.


  1. Touch on a story daily. Any story, no set amount of time.


  1. Write a minimum of three posts per week. (These can be scheduled in advance if needed.)
  2. Catch up with my feed reader by the end of every Sunday.


  1. Post a minimum of 2 auctions to eBay per week.
  2. Hydrate better. Drink the suggested 48 ounces daily, as tracked by Fitbit.
  3. Walk a minimum of 6,000 steps daily through Wednesday. Hopefully the rest of the week as well, but for now this is TBD.
  4. Create a wedding to-do checklist, complete with due dates.

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