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Friday Reads ~ on the TBR pile

I am an avid reader. Many of my blog readers are as well. So, I think it should be no surprise to anyone that I have a long TBR list. (That’s To Be Read list, for any not up on their acronyms.)

Many of my TBR books are in an actual pile, but many more are on lists here or there, in my library hold queue, or just floating around in the back of my head for me to grab when I remember them at an opportune moment. There is no real rhyme nor reason dictating which books I pick up when. It’s all based on mood. And the TBR list doesn’t take re-reads into account, either.

However, I can often tell what books are “coming soon,” even if I can’t tell you the exact book I will pick up next. Here are a few of those books:

  • THE GIRL IN THE CLOCKWORK COLLAR (Steampunk Chronicles #2) by Kady Cross. I loved the first one, and bought the second, so this is near the forefront of my mind.
  • LACED WITH MAGIC (Sugar Maple Mysteries #2) by Barbara Bretton. Again, loved the first book, bought the second. Plus, I’ve been on a mystery book kick lately. But they’ve been cozy mysteries, not the heavier ones.
  • BY THE SWORD and THE MAGE WINDS TRILOGY by Mercedes Lackey. This is one case where I can predict a re-read. After re-reading the Vows & Honor series, I found myself wanting to revisit my favorite Valdemar novels.
  • DEATH BY BLACK HOLE by Neil deGrasse Tyson. I’ve lately started listening to his Star Talk Radio podcasts, and love his style. He’s great at teaching science in an amusing fashion. I hope his books are as good as his podcast.

What about you? Any (hopefully) good books you’re itching to read soon?


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