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Friday Reads: Libriomancer

Let’s do the Friday 56 today!

Pick up nearest book (be honest: that’s nearest, not best or most intellectual) and look up Page 56, find the 5th Sentence:

(I’m going to include the 4th sentence here, too. I like the way it reads better that way. Also, I like sentence 4 better than the 5th one.)

I hadn’t just fallen off the magical wagon; the wagon had run me over and dragged me six blocks down a pothole-ridden street. The effects were worse after two years away.

This is Libriomancy, book #1 in the Magic Ex Libris series by Jim C. Hines. I’m highly amused by it so far. The basic premise is that enough commonly held belief in something can cause it to become real. Therefore, enough people reading the same book can allow magic users to reach into the book and pull out objects described inside the book. Fun, right?

So far it certainly seems fun. I haven’t been reading it as quickly as the books I read prior to it, but I’m still enjoying the ride. It does seem to be a book written for readers; there are so many little nods to other works of fiction that might be missed by the casual reader.

Happy Friday!


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