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ROW80 ~ Week 4 Update

Well, today’s post was delayed because I was at a Superbowl party. (I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area. Even if I hadn’t been raised as a Niners fan, it would have been really hard NOT to root for them in today’s game, especially with the way the end of the game went.)

However, I do have a progress update to post today, even if there wasn’t as much progress as I would have liked. Here’s the Week 4 progress I do have for ROW 80.


  1. Write (or edit, or worldbuild, or etc.) for 45 minutes on 3 weekdays per week. This will mostly be on T. – If I remember correctly, I did complete this goal. We’ll say that’s a yes.
  2. Write (etc) for 1 hour on 1 weekend day per week. (Again, focused on T.) – This did not get done this week either. However, the time I had set aside for it was instead spent on an equally important non-writing project I have been procrastinating for too long, so it was time well spent.
  3. Have a submission package for T (my 2009 NaNo project) ready by the end of Round 1. – Long term goal. No progress yet. Also, I will be removing this from my list this round. It can come back next round, but I need to focus on smaller steps, I think.


  1. Write a minimum of three posts per week. (These can be scheduled in advance if needed.) – Done!
  2. Catch up with my feed reader by the end of every Sunday. – Done!


  1. Post a minimum of 2 auctions to eBay per week. – I did not do this one this week. Instead I was working out non-eBay sales with a friend, because I’d rather be able to help out people I know.
  2. Hydrate better. I’m going to try starting and ending each day by drinking a large glass of water, and we’ll see how that works. – I think this was a success. If I forgot, I don’t remember.

9 thoughts on “ROW80 ~ Week 4 Update

  1. I was rooting for the 49ers too, I just love that Colin Kaepernick! 😦
    And good for you, knowing what you should keep on your list and what should go, that’s what I love about ROW.

    The water thing, I fill a 32 oz bottle with water, filled twice it’s 8 glasses of water. I need the measurability of it, otherwise, I forget what I’ve had too.

    1. My mom has a policy that she drinks a glass of water for every cup of coffee or tea (and that’s not counting regular water intake). Probably wise, but I so often forget when I have extra tea at work!

  2. I’m getting here a little late…but better late than never! Hope your superbowl party was fun! Looks like you’re getting a lot done and it’s inspiring! Nice work and good luck for the rest of your week.

    1. Thank you! The party was a blast, and I guess I’m getting a lot done. It seems it’s easier to see progress when you’re not so close to it! 🙂

      Have a great week.

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