10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday ~ Blah Blah Blah

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs.” Well, as someone who has typically enjoyed winter, I don’t get the blahs as badly as some people do. However, I do still get them to a lesser extent, so I’ve found things that help me to get through them.

Ten Ways To Beat The Winter Blahs

1. Go for walks outside when the weather allows. Sunshine is good. When there is less of it, we just need to make a point to go get it.

2. Knit with happy colors. (If you’re not a knitter I guess you could wear happy colors.)

3. Eat soup. For some reason soup makes me happy, and since winter is the perfect soup weather, *that* makes me happy, too. Your mileage may vary.

4. Read books. Gloomy weather is the perfect time to stay indoors and read a book. I try to take full advantage of this.

5. Watch movies with sunny locations. For me, watching gloomy movies on gloomy days just seems to make things worse.

6. Make plans for summer! Even if they’re not plans you intend to follow-up on, it can be fun to make “what-if” vacation plans.

7. Make time to do the indoor things you enjoy or need to do. Knitting or other crafting, home repair jobs that you’ve been putting off in nicer weather, etc. Getting things accomplished always helps me chase away the blues.

8. Snuggle. With whomever or whatever makes you feel good. Your significant other, your pet, your pillow, or your stuffed animal. (Though preferably something living. Regular contact with another living being is neccessary for the soul.)

9. Regress, and be a kid again. Build a fort out of sheets and sofa cushions. Watch Saturday morning cartoons in your PJs. Eat sugary cereal just because you can. Some of my favorite gloomy days have been ones where I allowed myself to stay indoors and in my PJs all day long.

10. Crock pot dinners! I love crock pot dinners. And making the house smell good by slow cooking dinner can help you ignore the fact that it’s gray and icky outside. Who cares what it’s doing outside when it smells so good inside? 🙂

Let me know what works for you! We can all always use more tips on how to just Be Happy.


3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Blah Blah Blah

  1. love your list and that you generally like winter. I like winter too but it is about 2 months too long here..’ I’d like it to end in March in Chicago.
    My winter tip for chasing the blues: BUY YARN

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