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Supercold vs. Round Of Words ~ Week 1 Update

Okay. As I mentioned yesterday, I am in the middle of a cold. Not just any cold, according to my doctor, but a SUPERCOLD. That sounds like my cold should have a cape and go flying around doing good deeds (or bad deeds), with a theme song playing in the background every time it does something major. Sadly, all it’s actually done has been to sap my energy, make me go through half a box of Kleenex and a bottle of NyQuil, and keep me from getting much of anything done.

As such, my goals for this second week of ROW80 are simple: get healthy.

I also want to get the 3 blog posts and 2 eBay auctions accomplished that are in my ongoing goals for this round, but the writing will have to wait until week 3 to get back on the actual list of goals. So will the catching up on blog reading. So will everything else on this list. The “drink lots of water” is almost an exception to that comment, because I’ve been drinking more water than normal in an attempt to flush out my system, but I haven’t been tracking it.

On the other hand, I had essentially finished my Week One tracking before the cold hit me, so here’s how I did that first week.

Round Of Words 2013R1 goals / Week 1 Progress:


  1. Write (or edit, or worldbuild, or etc.) for 45 minutes on 3 weekdays per week. This will mostly be on C&F. – Success! Or mostly. Some of my progress was mental, though it was still progress and it was still necessary. Still, I’m counting this one a win. The writing progress I did make (both weekday and weekend) was all on C&F.
  2. Write (etc) for 1 hour on 1 weekend day per week. (Again, focused on C&F.) – Success again, mostly. I was in the middle of the hour of writing when my cold hit on Saturday, and it derailed my train of thought. I got probably 45 minutes or so done before deciding to take a nap and write more later. And then the nap turned into another nap, and I never did get back to it. However, it’s close enough for me, all things considered.
  3. Have a submission package for T (my 2009 NaNo project) ready by the end of Round 1. – Long term goal. No progress yet.


  1. Write a minimum of three posts per week. (These can be scheduled in advance if needed.) – Success again, but this time easily and measurably. Yay!
  2. Catch up with my feed reader by the end of every Sunday. – Hard to label this one way or the other. I was pretty caught up going into the weekend, but by Sunday I fell behind again because I was barely moving from the bed to the couch and back again. So it was a partial success.


  1. Post a minimum of 2 auctions to eBay per week. – Three auctions posted, go me! All for old computer games, and I’m not sure if they’ll sell, but still. I did create the listings.
  2. Hydrate better. I’m going to try starting and ending each day by drinking a large glass of water, and we’ll see how that works. – I did this last week, with the technical exception of Saturday and Sunday. On those days, the last thing I drank at night was a full dose of NyQuil. On the other hand, I’m still counting this one a win.

4 thoughts on “Supercold vs. Round Of Words ~ Week 1 Update

  1. Yey – you’ve done brilliantly, especially for someone so poorly. I’ve been flu’d-up for three weeks (though out our vacation) and still feel jaded and generally unwell. Supercold indeed. But you’ve done so much. Feel good about that, and I hope you feel better physically very soon. X

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