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WIP Crazy

First of all, there was an unanticipated WIP this week. And that would be the blog itself.

You see, I was playing with the themes, just surfing around and seeing if there was anything new that I liked, and in the process of testing out how one of my pictures would look as a background image, I accidentally changed the theme on the live site. And I wasn’t sure I remembered the name of the previous theme.

So, instead of going on a possibly long and probably frustrating search for the old blog theme, I decided to just change the theme. And now there’s a new look here at BookWyrmKnits. I’m not sure that this look will stay, but for now here it is.

Now for the more-or-less planned WIP for the week.


This is the yarn for my Starflower socks. Yes, these are new socks. I have a kind-of tradition of starting a new project around Christmas with the new yarn I’ve gotten as a gift. Well, I didn’t receive actual yarn this year (but I got money for yarn, which is just as good). You might think that meant I wouldn’t cast on a new project. You would be wrong.


Instead I used some of my oldest yarn from the stash, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Black Purl. And I found a slip stitch sock pattern, because LLSS seems to strip pretty consistently, and that’s not what I wanted from this yarn.


Bingo, the Starflower sock pattern! So far, I love it. The one mod I know I am going to make to this pattern is to do a toe-up gussett heel. I’m going to try Miriam Felton’s “Better Fitting” Toe-Up Heel Flap Tutorial. (She makes it very clear that this is a heel flap that is better fitting FOR HER. Your mileage may vary. I think it’s worth a shot.)

The yarn is fun to work with, as I knew from prior experience it would be. The pattern is quick to knit and easy to remember. I think these might be my first FO of the year.


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