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WIP Weds ~ Catching Up

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a WIP Weds. I don’t even know if there are projects which were started and finished between WIP Weds (though I doubt it. I’ve been a fickle knitter lately, and have been working on many different things).

I am going to try to stick with the knitting projects I am actively working on at the moment. That may be difficult, but I’m going to try.

Right. First up is the Eliina Shawl. This has been my primary plane knitting for the past few months. I shudder at the fact that there has been enough flying to require “primary plane knitting” and for it to end up so big after being knit almost exclusively on or near airplanes. (I am not a happy flyer.)

Eliina 12-19-12

I am a happy knitter, though. This one is turning out beautifully.

Next up is a new project that almost slipped through the cracks. It is a pair of mitts that will be blogged in more detail after they are gifted away, but here is the current state of them anyway. They are the Pt. Reyes Mitts.

Pt. Reyes 12-19-12

I’m knitting them out of a single skein of Knit Picks Galileo, and am a bit nervous about that. I’m also not entirely sure that they will fit their recipient, but I’ll deal with either of those if it ends up being a problem.

Um… I guess that’s actually all that I’m working on right now. Everything else is in hibernation at the moment, until after I am done trying to make last minute gifts. (I think I am done once the Pt. Reyes are done. We’ll have to see.)


5 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ Catching Up

  1. OH your shawl is just amazing. I LOVE how you photographed the RED mittens.> Red is so difficult to capture….for me.
    Happy Gifting. I gave a pair of socks to a friend today…..knitted in June or so.. I let her choose between 3 pair. fun fun

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