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10 Random Things

Because I want to write a blog post, but have no real focus as to topic, here is a list of ten random things. And yes, it’s partly because I missed the Ten On Tuesday this week. (I’ve been a little distracted. You’ll see.)

  1. Don’t forget to enter the contest to win JA Campbell’s SUMMER BREAK BLUES! I got to read an early copy of this one, and really enjoyed it.
  2. It’s snowing on WordPress! This is silly of me, but I love that touch.
  3. RIP Dave Brubeck, one of my favorite jazz musicians of all time.
  4. Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I will be able to go to knit night again. (My local NaNo write-ins and my stitch & bitch were held on the same day.) Most of you have no idea how happy this makes me. Those of you who do know can breathe a sigh of relief that I will have my knitting peeps around me again to knock sense into me when needed.
  5. I am a strange, strange person when you mess up my routine. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it’s a bad thing. But it is a certainty that I get a bit weird (um… weirder than usual) when forced out of my rut.
  6. I am really looking forward to seeing “The Book Of Mormon.” I know very little about it, but I’ve seen one of the clips (from the Tony’s, I think?) online, and it looks fabulous.
  7. Generally I either love or hate South Park. (Very few gray episodes for me.) And the one with the Scauses? I love it. (Yes, I did bring this up now because of the musical I mentioned just a moment ago. Why do you ask?)
  8. I love Cars Land. And Buena Vista Street. And I am really looking forward to what’s next for Disneyland itself. I think the Disney Parks folk have been up to some great things. Now they need to stop with the generic “one parks” thing, and do what’s right for each resort. What works at WDW does not necessarily work at DLR, and I hope they remember that.
  9. There is nothing I like so much as homemade soup on a winter’s evening. I like soup to begin with, but homemade just feels like it tastes better. I guess it’s all the love that goes into making it. Or maybe just that I can add only ingredients I like, and as many of them as I want. There’s something to making your own food, instead of buying pre-made…
  10. And I’ve saved the best for last: my guy proposed to me at Disneyland last week.  🙂  (And yes, I said yes.) I’m not going to go into details now, and maybe not ever, but suffice it to say I’m very happy, he seems very happy, and everything else in my life seems pretty mundane just about now.

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