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NaNo Finish Line: Check!

Well, this has been a crazy month. Specifically, this has been a crazy 25 days.

As you know if you’ve been reading the blog, I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo this month. There were a few days I took off from writing, and it’s only the 25th of the month (we have until midnight on the 30th) but I wanted to finish my 50K this weekend because I have other things that will occupy my time during the end of the month.

Well. At around 10:20 tonight, I succeeded. 50,104 words later, and I am a winner of NaNoWriMo 2012.

Because I don’t have any energy to do any real creative writing, here are my stats and the last snippet I’ll be sharing of the NaNo work. Not necessarily the last you’ll see of Care & Feeding, but the last you will see that is RAW UNPOLISHED NANO MATERIAL. (So yeah. That’s a reminder that this snippet has not been edited.) This is from the blog’s finale, which will probably be the book’s finale.

I have decided that I’m going to intersperse regular bits of fiction written from the hero’s POV, rather than just use only blogs as the story format. But since the thing was started as a blog project, I think I would like to have the first and last scenes in the finished novel be in blog format.

WC AVERAGE: 2,004/day

And the snippet:

Long story short, though, we got lucky. Really lucky. Only those who really deserved harm because of all the havoc they’d been causing really got hurt. I mean, yeah. My ankle is still pretty badly sprained, even with the super-speedy werewolf healing thing. And yeah, Hawk’s gonna have some really pretty bruises for a while. But none of us – me, Hawk, Red, or Blondie – were injured badly enough to need an ambulance. Even though Red’s going to have to spend another night under a doctor’s care, she still got there under her own power.

And she’ll be fine. I have the doctor’s assurance on that, and I tend to agree with him since I’ve seen such an improvement since yesterday. I think the best part about this whole fight is that Blondie has finally figured out that he needs to actually tell Red how he feels about her. He’s finally realized that hot make-out sessions are lovely when they’re happening, but a girl needs flowers in her life once and a while, too.

The one thing that pisses me off? Well. Remember my lovely strawberry blond highlights? The ones Red helped me with? They’re gone. For one reason or another, the hair color didn’t remain after shifting back to human. I guess this is why Professor Hunter left his hair salt and pepper instead of dying it to cover the gray. Damn it. I was hoping the highlights would stay in wolf form, not disappear completely when I shifted back to my human form.

I guess if that’s the only thing that I have to complain about, we’re in pretty good form. So I’ll see you guys later, in another blog post. Except, since there won’t be any more assignments, and hopefully no more major wolfy activity, I might not write any more blog posts. I guess this is the end of the blog. Maybe I’ll resurrect it someday, but if I do it will probably be under another title and at another address. And I won’t have so many private posts. I can’t possibly have this much “super sekrit stuff” to write about again. That just wouldn’t be fair.

So until next time, if there is a next time, this is Minnow – part-time wolf and full-time student – signing off.


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