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Silly NaNo Snippet

So at one of my local write-ins, we ended up creating a new creature for one of our writers’ story world. And then we decided we should all write this creature into our stories. Any format was acceptable: we could use the actual animal, or have it in a dream or a movie… anything, really.  Some of us accepted the challenge, while others did not.

I did.

And if you would like to read a silly, completely random snippet from my story featuring the Ninja Tree Octopus as created by the CA: East Bay WriMos, here you go:

I can’t sleep. I don’t know why, I just can’t.

Red isn’t having this problem. She’s asleep. Well, that, or she’s insane.

She has a habit of talking in her sleep, especially when she’s stressed. Since her hardest midterm is tomorrow, I’d be surprised if she wasn’t stressed.

Pity, though. If she was awake, I could ask for her advice. Talk through this whole dumb third-first-date thing.

Nope. She’s not awake. I just asked her – in a whisper, of course – if she was, and the response was, “Yes, Lilly, of course I’m practicing my towels.” I have no idea who Lilly is, or how one practices towels.

I know I should shut off the computer and try to sleep again, but I’ve already been trying to sleep for the past hour and a half, and haven’t had any luck. So annoying. I was falling asleep in Biology, but now it eludes me.

Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to get Red to talk to me. She’s muttering again. Something about a monkey this time.

I didn’t even have any coffee this afternoon, so that shouldn’t be keeping me up. It’s probably just nerves. What if Hawk calls me tomorrow to cancel our date again? I don’t think I could give him another chance after that. But what if the third time is the charm, and we actually to get to have dinner together?

Yeah, and what if I’m so tired from a sleepless night that I pass out and land face-first in my pasta?

Okay. I either need to put in earphones and listen to music, or get out my iPhone and record some blackmail. Red’s latest comment was, “Oh, no! It’s the ninja tree octopus! Run while you can!”

Hmm. She’s flailing in her sleep. I suppose I should wake her so she doesn’t fall out of bed or something.

Unless, of course, that’s just me being selfish and trying to get her to wake up so we can talk.

Right. Music it is. Otherwise I might end up doing something I’ll regret.

Goodnight world. Here’s hoping I can actually sleep this time.


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