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WIP Weds: Mitt ‘n’ Stitch

Here’s a quick WIP Weds for you today. Nothing too long, since I’ve just spent the last few hours working on getting NaNo words (with success! I’m over the 25k mark!) and I don’t want to type too much more tonight.

But, here are the two projects that have been getting the most play time for me in the past week:

Niece Mitts

First, the mitts for my niece. These will probably be her birthday present, but might be Christmas. Hard to say, but since the two are pretty close together it doesn’t change the looking deadline. Good thing I still like knitting them.

I must say, I do like this method of using the Sashay yarn better than actually knitting with it. Doing it this way, I’m essentially carrying it along as I knit with my Knit Picks Stroll yarn. It requires a few extra steps, but it it a lot less of a hassle.

Niece Mitts

I am also pleased with the way the hand part of the mitt turned out. I added the Mitt Envy cable to the back of the hand so it will match the mitts I’m giving her mom this year for Christmas.

And here is my newest craft attempt:

Hardanger 1

Hardanger cross-stitch. This picture was taken before I cut out any of the threads, which was nerve-wracking. (I also think I cut some bits I wasn’t supposed to. But I won’t tell if you don’t.) It is a neat craft, and I think I’ll be doing more of it. But I’m still learning what I’m doing, and I don’t know if I will ever do a really big Hardanger project. The little ones are just fine with me right now.


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