FO Saturday? ~ Break It Up

Look! My Break-It-Up Jester socks are done!

And as a testament to how well the pattern works, first look at how stripy the foot part is…
… and then look at how NOT stripy the leg part is!
I’m really pleased how these turned out. And they’re a present, so I’m pleased to have that part done, too. Not to mention the person they’re going to loves getting hand-knit socks, so they should be well received. I hope they fit properly. I’m guessing they will, but it can be hard to tell.

The Break-It-Up pattern is wider than I remembered it being. I guess that’s because of the short-rows? It isn’t super stretchy, the way ribbing would be, so I still think the fit will be okay. We’ll see!

Pattern: Break It Up
Designer: Meg Keehan
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Multi in Jester
Needles: US 2
Start/end dates: 5/3/12 to 10/19/12


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