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WiP Weds: Babette Again

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It’s time for another Babette update! This time I have both squares and more progress on the blanket assembly. Lets start with some squares:

Babette Oct 1

These are squares I crocheted last weekend. I’m trying to work on the small squares first now, because there are so many of them. While my plan of doing the largest ones first meant that I got a lot of the work out of the way at the beginning, it also means that I did the most interesting squares first. I still have some of the 6-round ones to go, but other than that I’m down to 2- and 4-round squares.

Babette Oct 2

These are squares that I’m not entirely sure if you’ve seen yet. Some were from this weekend, but others had been made previously and were waiting for their photo shoot.

I also decided a while ago that I was going to try the joining method I had planned for this blanket. Since I liked it, I also decided to keep going, joining a few squares here and there as I make more. This is the current progress of the blanket-as-a-whole:

Babette Oct 3

I’m still really pleased with it. No idea when exactly I’ll be done, but it’s fun to make and should be really nice to have once it’s finished, too.


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