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FO Friday: Mitt Envy

Well, I only have one picture I’m happy with for this project, because the mitts are too small for me. I loved the project, but not the modeling of the finished object…

I’ll be making my sister close her eyes next time I see her, and then trying the mitts on to see if they will be her present, or my niece’s present. Either way, I need to find out soon so I can make a pair of mitts for whichever these AREN’T for.


This is Mitt Envy, a really cute pattern that was also super-quick to knit. Doing it again, I would use either larger yarn or more stitches, though. My gauge on this particular yarn-pattern combo made for small mitts, even taking into account the fact that I overestimated and decreased the number of stitches called for by four. (I thought I had read that others had trouble with this being a large-fitting mitt. Now, though, I’m guessing that their problem was the yarn.)

THE SPECS: (and a link to my Ravelry project page)

PATTERN: Mitt Envy
DESIGNER: weezalana
YARN: Knit Picks Stroll in Sapphire Heather
NEEDLES: US 2 / 2.75 mm
START / END DATES: 8/13/12 to 10/15/12 (and a large chunk of that time was spent trying to decide if they were too small, and whether I should frog them)

MODS: I cast on 4 fewer stitches than called for. The pattern did say that it could be modified by adding or subtracting 4 stitches, so I felt comfortable doing this. Now I think I shouldn’t have, but too late! What’s done is done, in this case. They were a quick enough knit, and took up little enough yarn, that if ti comes to it I can just knit another pair.


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