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WIP Weds ~ progress!

Some weeks for WIP Weds I have no noticeable progress to show you. This is not one of those weeks.

First up, I have the progress I’ve made on the Break-It-Up Jester socks.

Jester Progress

These (in the picture) are at the heel turn of sock #2, though I just realized it’s not actually a current photo. It’s the most current I have, but the state of the progress right now puts me at the bottom of the cuff, AKA the interesting part. Still, this is definitely progress over where I was in the last picture I showed you!

Secondly, I have the very noticeable progress on my Eliina Shawl:

More Eliina progress

This one has been fun, mindless TV (or airplane) knitting. While we were traveling a week and a half ago it got a lot of knitting time, and that’s continued on a bit into TV knitting time. It’s also good SnB knitting, since I don’t have to think about it (much) while talking to my knitting friends. Great fun.

Eliina progress

A close-up of the colors, for those of you who (like me) are interested in that part…  😉


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