10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Last Weekend

If you didn’t guess from the subject, today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Things You Did Last Weekend.” Well, though I didn’t mention it to the blog yet, last weekend I was out of town. I went back East to meet/visit with my guy’s family and friends, so it was actually a pretty full and exciting weekend! The trip actually spanned more than just the weekend, but I’m just going to include Friday through Sunday. I think I’ll even manage to keep everything in (mostly) chronological order…

10 Things I Did Last Weekend

  1. Took a trip to Philly to see Independence Hall. First stop, though, was the Liberty Bell. (There were about 45 minutes between picking up our tickets for the (free) tour of the hall, and the tour itself. It was the perfect amount of time to allot for getting in to see the exhibit about/taking pictures of the Liberty Bell!)


  1. Toured Independence Hall! (Yeah, yeah, its real name is the PA State House. I know. But I wanted to see it for the reason it’s popular, and not the reason it was built.) I’ve wanted to go here ever since producing “1776,” so I’m glad I was able to make it.


  1. Met my guy’s little sister. (I’d met his mom much earlier on, and his dad the day before – but Thursday isn’t part of the weekend.) Then we enjoyed a family dinner (with his family) that had surprisingly few awkward moments.
  2. Met one of my guy’s best friends from home, and spent hours chatting over tea and nachos.
  3. Met another of my guy’s best friends from home, and got serenaded by them playing guitar and singing silly made-up versions of the lyrics.
  5. Spent way more time than I want to think about in an airplane.
  6. Rode home on BART surrounded by Justin Bieber fans. *shudder*
  7. Got accosted by my cat, who decided she needed to make up for us being gone. (She had a neighbor looking after her, so she wasn’t as neglected as she tried to make us think.)
  8. Had a yummy tri-tip BBQ pot-luck with theatre friends from home. Wonderful way to round out the weekend!

There’s my 10. And that doesn’t even include the joy of sleeping in my own bed in my home…

I hope you had a good weekend, too!


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