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WIP Weds ~ You Spin Me Round

Well, I know I promised WIP pictures of my spinning a long time ago, but I’m only now finally getting to it. I am a procrastinator, if you hadn’t yet figured that out. At any rate, here are some progress pics.

Dove yarn 1

This is silk yarn, spun up from hankies. (I bought two, in a color named “Dove”.) I’ve only ever spun silk once before, and at that time I really didn’t know what I was doing. (I only slightly know what I’m doing now.) For that time, I just pulled apart the silk hankie the way I’d been shown to do with wool roving, drafted it, and spun it. Only later did I learn that you’re supposed to separate the layers of the silk hanky first, and then draft and spin that. (Oops. Oh well, the scarf I made from the silk I spun previously is still the only thing I’ve kept so far where I spun the yarn and knit the garment. So even though the process wasn’t “standard,” I’m still very proud of it.)

Silk hanky

That’s the un-spun hanky. This is from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, and I bought it several years ago. I don’t know how many, exactly. It was at some fiber show or other. It may even have been Stitches West back before I knew what that was, but I have this vague idea that the event was more aimed at spinners and weavers than knitters. I don’t know, though. Like I said… several years ago.

Dove yarn 2

Anyway, it’s taking me some time to spin it up, because I just haven’t put in all that many hours on this yarn yet. I will… but I’m enjoying the process, and if that means I take my time and spin it up slowly, so be it. At least I’m using my wheel again, if just for a little while at a time. It’s a fun project.


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