10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Pizza, Steve!

(Bonus points to anyone who understands the title…)

Today’s Ten On Tuesday prompt is “10 Favorite Pizza Toppings.” This should be fun, but as with all food blog posts, I’m sure it will make me hungry…

  1. Hawaiian. This is my all-time favorite pizza. Period.
  2. Pepperoni. A good basic pizza topping. Though sometimes it can be a bit boring by itself, which is when I also add…
  3. Sausage. This is my recent favorite pizza meat. Even above the ham on a Hawaiian pizza, though I love that in the combo.
  4. Bell pepper. One of the few pizza veggies I’m always in favor of (as opposed to it depending on my mood).
  5. Garlic. There’s rarely enough garlic in Italian food for me… I love the stuff.
  6. Cheese. Lots of cheese.
  7. Fresh tomato. It’s a nice addition to a pizza.
  8. Grilled chicken. I don’t get it on pizza often, but it’s a nice way to dress one up.
  9. Artichoke hearts. With above grilled chicken. I’ve yet to have it on a successful pizza with any other meat (and I’m not super fond of vegetarian pizza).
  10. Cheeseburger toppings. As a novelty pizza only, for me… but as a novelty, it’s fascinating to see how much like a cheeseburger a pizza can taste.

What about you? Any favorites I’ve left off?


4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday ~ Pizza, Steve!

  1. Well, I was waiting to see if anyone else would claim the bonus points, and since it seems that no one did I will: The title is a reference to the movie “Multiplicity” and here is a clip:

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