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WIP Weds ~ Babette

So for a while now I’ve been thinking about how best to join my Babette squares together to make the finished blanket. What I really wanted to do was crochet them together with black yarn to create a border around each square. I wasn’t sure this would work the way I had intended, so I decided to test it and see.

Babette Joining test

This is the result.

Each of the black lines is a row of single crochet, and it does have a raised texture. Many of the suggestions I read said to have the raised line on the back, but that wasn’t what I wanted. In addition to creating a bump on the back, that wouldn’t add much in the way of a black border between the squares.

The one thing I didn’t do before joining these squares was to block them all to size. I’m not sure that having them all exactly the right size matters all that much to me… I can always tug them a little as needed when I’m joining them, right? I didn’t have any issues when putting these few together, so I think I’ll be fine. Especially since I really don’t want to block all those teeny tiny 2-round squares.

Babette close-up

Well, I’m also not done crocheting them yet. I still have quite a few of the smaller squares left before I get to that point. However, I’m pretty pleased with how this is looking so far, and the test was successful. So onward I go! Progress!


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