Ten On Tuesday: September Morn

The Ten on Tuesday prompt for today is “10 Things I Love About September.” This will be a slightly hard one. I’ve never really thought about things I love about September specifically. I guess it will take some thought, but that’s not a bad thing, now is it?  🙂

  1. This one is easy. The beginning of September is when my sweetie and I started dating.
  2. Labor Day Holiday! Not only do I have the day off of work, it’s a great day for “last outdoor activities of the summer.” Well, “last” anywhere except for California, when summer still generally lasts for another month. Minimum.
  3. We start to get (a hint of) fall weather. (Again – California. Fall temps aren’t guaranteed until about the middle of October.) I especially love the hint of chill in the mornings.
  4. “September Morn” is a pretty cool song. That counts, right?
  5. School has started back up, so my vacations are generally less crowded with kiddos.
  6. IT’S TIME TO PLAN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!! Not that I’m actually doing anything for Halloween this year. Since it’s mid-week and all. Still. I’m a costumer’s daughter, and it shows.
  7. All birthdays and anniversaries in my immediate family are done now until December. So I can start buckling down and thinking about Christmas presents without worrying about other things I need to make before then. (I’m not counting the December birthdays, because, since they are close to Christmas, they are easier for me to remember.)
  8. September seems to be one of the few months the AC/heater unit at work is set to the correct temperature.
  9. It’s sometimes cold enough now that I can comfortably wear hand-knit socks.
  10. Suzy-cat will sometimes lie in the sun and get warm, and then come sit on my lap. Instant lap warmer! At a point in time when it’s not so hot that I immediately kick her off! Though I’m only adding this one here as something I like about September because she did just this yesterday morning, so it’s fresh in my mind!

Well. Some of those were a bit of a stretch. But I made it!

What about you? Anything you particularly like about September? I suppose you could be contrary, and add your dislikes, too.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday: September Morn

  1. Sommer says:

    I love the promise of cooler weather. I’ve already begun to feel it just a touch in the mornings(even here in the Central Valley). Not to mention the fact that Christmas is just around the corner(and so is my birthday!). I LOVE fall 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Summer’s not really done here yet, either. 🙂

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