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FO Friday: Frilly Scarf

Once I discovered the joy of yarn that WASN’T RED HEART, I swore I would never go back. There was nothing that was going to get me to pick up that acrylic monster.

I guess I was wrong.

Frilly Scarf - finished - 2

Red Heart put out a yarn called Red Heart Boutique Sashay, and it was weird enough that I had to try it. I also decided that my niece would enjoy a scarf made from the stuff, so it was a relatively easy and cheap way to make her a present. I thought, “Perfect. How hard can it be to knit this scarf? It goes so quickly it practically knits itself.” And to be fair, it did go pretty quickly. But it was really strange to work with, and it also was semi-easy to mess up it you weren’t paying attention. (Luckily, it’s also a strange enough fabric that most mistakes aren’t noticeable.)

Between one thing and another, it was a pretty quick knit when I actually spent time on it. Also, the longest amount of time I between casting on and marking it completed in Ravelry was spent procrastinating sewing in the ends. Because you do have to ACTUALLY SEW THEM. WITH THREAD. It doesn’t quite seem possible to sink the ends in the normal fashion. Very annoying.

Frilly Scarf - finished - 1

The end result was worth it, though. I think my niece (who will then be 7) will love it. I’m planning to edge a pair of mitts for her in this stuff, so she can have a matched set. I think she’ll love that even more.

And I even found the perfect thing to package it in: a Brave lunch bag from Subway. (My niece is like many young girls – indeed, including what I would have been like at her age – and loves Merida. And green is her favorite color. Since the yarn didn’t come in green, this is the next best thing, right?)


THE SPECS: (and a link to my Ravelry project page)

PATTERN: Frilly Knit Scarf
DESIGNER: Coats & Clark, for Red Heart
YARN: Red Heart Boutique Sashay
NEEDLES: US 10 1/2
START/END DATES: June 4, 2012 – August 5, 2012
MODS: None


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