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WIP Weds: Something old, something new, um… and something blue

(No. This is not a wedding announcement. It just happens to be what’s on my needles and in my carry-along WIP bags right now.)

So for today’s WIP Weds, I’m going to show you two projects. I know the title implies three, but the blue thing is also the new thing, so that means only two.

I’ll start with the new blue thing, actually. This is the start of Mitt Envy:

Mitt Envy

It’s going to be a present for my sister, so (since she has small hands) I modified the pattern to have 4 fewer stitches than called for. (But the designer was kind enough to make the mod easy for sizing, so yay!) The blue color in the pic is a little stronger than the actual yarn, but not much. It’s a really rich color (Knit Picks Stroll yarn in Sapphire Heather) so it’s hard to capture properly in artificial lighting. This pic used a flash, and was a little truer to color than the pic with no flash.

But, since I just started this on Monday, and it’s one of two things I’ve been knitting since then, I only have the one picture of it. I do have two pictures of the state of my Kitri:

Kitri 8/15/12

This is my current progress. I’m past the short-row heel, and am onto the foot. While I do love heel flap heels, I had forgotten how much I love one particular aspect of the short-row heel: once the heel is done, there are no more decreases to remember. I do love that part. This way I won’t do what I did with the Star Trek socks and confuse myself with where I did the decreases, and how many I did. *sigh*

Another fun thing about the Kitri heel in particular is the optional pattern on it:

Kitri heel

You can choose to add a mini fan to the heel! And frankly, who wouldn’t? Yes, I know, the tsock is going to be on your foot. Chances are it will be in a shoe. So in theory no one will see the heel fan. But you know what? With a tsock like this one, the whole point is the design. The fun stuff. I mean, it has a beaded lace edging on top for goodness sake. It would be silly to not do the heel and toe “optional” designs.


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