10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: TV

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt will be a difficult one for me. It’s “10 Favorite TV Shows From Your Childhood.”


I didn’t watch much TV when I was a kid. I’ll be lucky if I can come up with 10 shows I watched regularly, much less “favorites”.

This is a good thing, right? Our teachers thought so. It was the one time my sister and I got fewer than 10% of a quiz answers right and still managed to get a decent grade. (My sister got an A+ on one T show pop-quiz for answering none of the questions. Awesome teacher.)

Anyway, I’ll try to come up with 10 favorite TV shows from my childhood. I can’t guarantee the results.

  1. M*A*S*H ~ It might not be a show “for kids”, but it was one of my all-time favorites to watch when I was young.
  2. The Muppet Show ~ Still a strong contender for “favorite show ever”. But the classic Muppets, not the newer stuff.
  3. Dr. Who ~ But yeah. Tom Baker all the way, baby. (Though I must admit… Tennant and Smith make darn good doctors, too. But they didn’t when I was a kid, because they were essentially kids too. So there.)
  4. Scarecrow and Mrs. King ~ I couldn’t tell you at this point in time what it was about. Or who Scarecrow is. But I remember enjoying it on those nights when I couldn’t sleep and Mom didn’t chase me back upstairs.
  5. Remmington Steele ~ ditto #4
  6. Dungeons & Dragons (that 80’s animated cartoon) ~ Yes. I was into D&D and all that stuff when it wasn’t cool. I’m okay with that.
  7. Jeopardy ~ The family always played along, and sometimes the kids would even do better than the adults.
  8. Star Trek ~ Both the original series and TNG. And depending on where you consider the “childhood” cutoff, perhaps DS9 too.

I’m sure there were other shows I watched. I remember (vaguely) some of them, like Murphy Brown and the rare episode of The Cosby Show, but there was really very little that I would classify as “favorite”. I’m actually surprised I managed to come up with 8. Although, to be fair, you might have to cut that back to 6 favorites. I’m not sure that #4 or #5 actually count since I don’t remember much of anything about them.

You know what? I bet Netflix can get me an episode or two. Or maybe the library. Or YouTube. So maybe I’ll be able to find out what exactly it is that I liked about those shows, and will like them again. Or maybe I will realize that I didn’t actually like them, and *will* cut my list back to 6 officially.

Anyway, I suspect most people can easily come up with 10 favorite TV shows from a given point in time. What are some of yours?

Hmm. You know what? I could make this up to 10 if I include modern shows, rather than just childhood ones. So, to complete the list, here are two more TV shows that are current favorites (and I’m not including duplicates such as Dr. Who.)

  1. Death Note ~ Probably my favorite anime at this point. I never would have expected to like it, but it’s incredible.
  2. Chuck ~ Well, if you take the first two seasons only. At this point I haven’t gotten into the third season much, because I didn’t like the way the storyline went. But I loved the first two seasons.

4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: TV

  1. Muppets, and two or three Dutch shows. Oh and Karrlson the flying boy (swedish show) there was only one channel when I grew up, so not much choice. And they aired only on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays.

  2. LOL! We weren’t allowed to watch much tv – the most wicked thing we could do when we were left in the house alone was TURN ON THE TV. O.O One of us would keep watch while the other watched feverishly. Hee hee.

    Shows we were allowed to watch include The Wonderful World of Disney, The Waltons, and Little House on the Prairie… Fascinatingly, my reading was completely unsupervised and uncensored… and as a preteen, my mom took me to various films that were NC-17/X/unrated.

  3. I love Chuck! We’re waiting for Season 5 to arrive here.

    I loved the Little House on the Prairie, the Littlest Hobo, Happy Days, Magnum PI, & Laverne and Shirley. We had Dallas and Dynasty on at home but didn’t consider it a favourite. I did also love Remington Steele 🙂

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