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I have an FO post for you today! Hooray!

Star Trek socks - finished - 1

(Sorry for the blurry photo… I had to include it because the cat’s foot is in the frame.)

Here are the completed Star Trek socks. I really like the way they turned out, even if it took a bit of doing to get them there.

The pattern is here (as a free Ravelry download), and it’s a fun knit. Or at least, the top part is. I think I’m learning, though, that repetitive Fair Isle bores me. Some people like knitting color work no matter how easy or hard it is, but this is not me. I think I’ve learned that if I’m doing color work I want to have to follow a pattern. I don’t want it to be easy enough to memorize, because it feels too easy to make the annoyance of carrying the floats worth it. I dunno. Maybe it’s just because I’m tired of knitting the pattern on the foot of this sock. I might change my mind later.

I’ve also decided that if I do this sock pattern again, I will be making a few alterations.

  1. I will make the sock toe-up.
  2. I will have the Star Trek insignia on one side of the sock, and the Klingon (or who knows? I might chart up the Romulan insignia, or some such) on the other side. And then for the mate, I will make sure to place the heel so that the matching insignia face each other, so one is on the outside of the leg and the other is on the inside.
  3. The foot will be a solid color. I will start the color work on the leg.
  4. The toe and heel will probably be in the contrasting color. Just for fun.

Anyway, I suspect I will be making at least one more pair of these socks, because my brother-in-law likes them. And I really don’t want to do color work on the foot portion of socks his size.

Star Trek socks - finished - 2

Another thing I have learned from making this sock is I actually need to follow the instructions I write down. When I knit the second toe, I had to tink back because I didn’t follow the instructions I’d written. And then when I DID go back and follow my notes, I discovered that whatever I’d done on the first toe WAS NOT WHAT I’D WRITTEN DOWN. Very annoying.

Oh well. Not my ideal way to knit a pair of socks, but they’re done now. And they fit me. So I guess that’s the part that matters.

Star Trek socks - finished - 3

SPECS: (link to my project in Ravelry)

Pattern: Star Trek Socks
Designer: Laura Hohman
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll
Needles: US 1 & 2
Start/end dates: 12-28-10 to 8-2-12
Mods: I did both patterns listed as options, instead of making the pair with only one insignia. Also, I have no idea what actually happened when I got to the toe, but it didn’t match what the written instructions are.


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