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WIP Weds ~ Solely Socks!

Today’s WIP post will be all about socks. Two socks, each part of a different pair.

But first, I’m going to quickly touch on yesterday’s Ten On Tuesday post, which I didn’t do yesterday because I can only answer One On Tuesday, which doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The Ten On Tuesday topic was “Ten Good Deeds We Did This Week.” We even had advance notice for it, so I should have been paying attention and doing more Good Deeds. I only did one.

That one Good Deed was actually publicized elsewhere on the Interwebs, because it was a part of the Yarn Harlot’s Karmic Balancing Gifts. I donated the below scrapbook album to someone who donated money to Stephanie’s bike rally effort, and the money donated there went towards the “Friends For Life” bike rally, which supports people living with HIV/AIDS. I figured this album was doing nothing in my storage unit, and could be doing something in someone else’s house, so when Stephanie asked if people wanted to offer up things for her to giveaway, I added this to her already impressive pile of reader donations.

CM album donated

Actually, I just realized I could have done Two On Tuesday, which has the same ring as Ten On Tuesday, if not a better one. The second of the two Good Deeds I did this week was to help my parents clean out some stuff in their house. Things always get a bit crazy during theatre productions, especially when every single member of the family is heavily involved. (I’m talking about my sister directing, my mom producing, my brother-in-law acting as one of the lead quintet, my dad stage managing, and me and my honey Co-Flight Directing. That type of “heavily involved”. I think it’s more commonly known as “insane”.)

ANYWAY, things get crazy, and household chores fall to the least important things on Earth. So last weekend I went to visit and helped clean up. And that’s my Two On Tuesday.

But, you came here for knitting pictures! I’m only going to share one, but it’s a two-fer:


This is the current progress on both my Break-It-Up Jester socks and my Star Trek socks. I’m nearly to the heel increases on the one, and the toe decreases on the other. Hopefully I’l have an FO post for you this week! And if not this week, than definitely next week. Because I want the Star Trek socks DONE. They’ve been a WIP for too long.


4 thoughts on “WIP Weds ~ Solely Socks!

  1. Good for you Nicole! I’ve never stocked up on albums. I have kicked myself for years that I didn’t stock up on the Westrim post-bound albums. Those things have stood the test of time!! The only other albums I haven’t had to replace are the Creative Memories ones.

    Love the sock progress 🙂

  2. Good deeds are good! I always tell the kids at school to at least do something for somebody once a day.
    Can’t wait to see the finished socks tonight 🙂

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