Ten on Tuesday ~ Farmer’s Markets

Today’s 10 on Tuesday post is about Farmer’s Markets. Specifically, Ten Great Things about them.

Since my computer is being really slow just now (I think it’s trying to install updates as I write this) I’m going to just do a short list:

  1. Fresh fruit and veg!
  2. Crepes!
  3. I’ve bought live plants there before… but as they were for gifts, all I can say is that they worked really well for a gift. No idea how well the plants survived compared to one bought at, say, Home Depot.
  4. “Window” shopping for jewelry
  5. Also “window” shopping for clothes
  6. More crepes. (What? There’s sweet and savory. I like crepes enough to have BOTH on here.)
  7. The fresh fruit vendors usually have free samples just sitting out for you to try.
  8. It’s a good way to get local honey!
  9. There are sometimes great street musicians playing there.
  10. I’ve found good bakeries via Farmer’s Markets.

Drat. Now I want to eat crepes.


2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday ~ Farmer’s Markets

  1. Chris says:

    I’m not ambitious enough to get up sufficiently early to have an enjoyable visit to the Mpls Farmers Market – I would need to be there by 6 am to avoid the crowds…

  2. mrspao says:

    Sounds like a wonderful farmer’s market 🙂 I’ve not been to one in the US but I’d like to.

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