10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Happiness

Today’s Ten On Tuesday prompt is “10 Everyday Things That Make You Happy.” Because I don’t think that needs any explanation or clarification, I’m going to get right to the list.

Actually, I take that back. This does require a little clarification. I am NOT going to include Disneyland. You might think that I go to DLR often enough that it’s an “everyday thing.” Well, it’s not. It’s still very special and magical, even if it’s a lot more familiar to me than it used to be before I became a passholder. Granted, it makes me happy. Very happy. But it is still too special to be considered an “everyday thing.” I hope it always is.

NOW here’s the list. And this order is the order I thought of things in, not necessarily order of importance. It’s also not everything that makes me happy (luckily!), just the first ten things I thought of.

  1. purring kitties (especially when said kitty is MY kitty, and even better when I am not trying to sleep but being prevented from same due to loud purrs being accompanied by tuna breath or sharp claws kneading me)
  2. hugs from my sweetie and/or my family
  3. back rubs – both giving and getting (Side note: this does not always apply to the massage-style back rubs. Those are sometimes painful on the hands. But the ones that are just rubs? Those are wonderful.)
  4. hot black tea with milk and sugar
  5. most Disney music (which, you will note, is different than Disneyland itself)
  6. sitting down to eat a good meal that I cooked (something I don’t do often enough)
  7. sleeping in
  8. a good book
  9. (successful) knitting (as opposed to knitting that then needs to be tinked back or – horrors! – frogged)
  10. fun movies, especially romantic comedies or not-creepy-or-too-gory action adventures

What about you? I’m sure there’s tons of things that apply, yet which weren’t among the first ten things I thought of.


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