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FO/Eye Candy Friday ~ Bobbin Lace

Last week I read a blog post by the lovely mrspao about bobbin lace and how she didn’t want to get sucked into another fiber craft. Well, this post (and the email chain that followed) made me realize that I didn’t have any pictures of my bobbin lace posted anywhere. (At least, I don’t think I do.)

The result? Today I took some pictures and will be showing them off. Now, the color quality isn’t the greatest in these photos, but I have retouched them a little to make them closer to what they actually look like. Even so, taking pictures of small things with a phone camera isn’t the ideal way to photograph them. (Even when said phone is an iPhone it’s not as precise as a DSLR, for instance.) If I even have the chance, I’ll borrow my parents camera, pull out my Ott Light, and get some good photos. But for now, here is at least a documentation of the bobbin lace I’ve made.

I don’t remember the specs on any of these. I don’t even know when I made them, except that it was somewhere around 8-10 years ago. I still have all the supplies, and one day I might make some more bobbin lace. If I do, I’ll record it more diligently. In the meantime, here are the photos:

Bobbin Lace 2

Bobbin Lace 1

Bobbin Lace 3

Bobbin Lace 4

Bobbin Lace 5

Have a great weekend!


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