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WiP Weds ~ socking it again

Sorry for the radio silence. I’d been planning on posting a Ten on Tuesday, but never got the prompt for yesterday. I’m not actually sure there was one… I’ll need to check on that.

Here is the current state of my knitting. Not much has happened, because there hasn’t been much time for knitting. There hasn’t been much time for anything that wasn’t theatre, day job, or sleep. (And truth be told, there wasn’t much time for sleep either.) But now that Hell Week is over and “The Wizard of Oz” has safely taken flight, there should be more time for fun.

Well, flying actors across the stage is fun, too. I’m really glad I get to be co-in-charge of such a good and capable flight crew. But I can’t knit and fly at the same time. It’s just not possible.

At any rate, the knitting. Here’s one tsock: (link to my Ravelry project page)


This is Kitri, and she’ll be for me. When finished. Which may take a while, depending on my knitting speed. However, this is the last repeat of the fan before I turn the heel on this first tsock, so it might not be too long after all.

And here’s another sock: (link to my Ravelry project page)

Break It Up

This is a Break-It-Up sock, with a generic foot and the leg pattern designed by my friend Meg. She created the pattern (using short rows and yarn overs) to break up striping or pooling – hence the name.

You can see from my sock that it really does what it’s meant to. Crazy obvious striping on the foot, and no discernible pattern on the leg. Works like a charm.

I have no idea how long I’ll make this Break-It-Up sock. Probably until I’m about out of yarn. I also have no idea who they’re for. Maybe me, maybe my mom. Probably not my sister, as I think they’re too big for her. But then again, she’s already getting socks this year because the Star Trek socks ended up too small for me. Ah well. (Of course, I have to finish those socks before she can have them. But they’re pretty close to done. Just the second half of the second foot to go.)


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