Ten on Tuesday ~ Strawberry Fever!

Today’s 10 on Tuesday prompt is Ten Favorite Ways To Eat Strawberries. Well, since I’m hungry, let’s get to it without any further intro! (And in no particular order except that #1 IS #1.)

  1. Fresh. Nothing else needed.
  2. Ice cream! Especially when there are big chunks of strawberries blended in.
  3. Shortcake. With whipped cream.
  4. Sliced in milk. Sometimes with a teeny bit of sugar, depending.
  5. As sundae topping.
  6. In fruit salad. (Not quite the same as just eating fresh strawberries by themselves.)
  7. In jam. Either with peanut butter or on toast.
  8. As a Coldstone mix-in. (Not quite the same as regular strawberry ice cream.)
  9. Milkshakes!
  10. Chocolate covered!
  11. Sliced over cereal.
  12. In smoothies – though preferably with other fruits too. (I don’t like strawberry-only smoothies as much as blends.)

Hmm. I think that’s more than 10. Oh well. I love strawberries!