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Once More With Feeling

This isn’t the first time I’ve said this. Knowing me, it won’t be the last. But I do need to say it now:

I’m getting back to writing.

I have been doing a lot of little things, some of them important and many of them of little value. But all of them have been getting in the way of what I really want to do. So it’s time to get my life back on track. It would be easy to say that I’ve been settling into my relationship, or that I’m too tired after a day at the Day Job, or that I need to finish other projects first. But the truth of it is, this is my life right now. And my life in 6 months isn’t going to be any less busy.

If I want to have writing in my life, it needs to fit in what is currently my life.

And so, I am going to write. Not starting just this second, because I am heading into Hell Week (more on that in a later post) and the name is truth in advertising. But starting next Monday. 6/18/12. I will be spending 30 minutes a day on writing.

Not always actually writing, especially at first. A lot of time will need to be spent in figuring out what I have “in progress”, what I have stashed away, and what new ideas show up. I will need to plan, to plot, and to prioritize, because I want to do this the right way. (Joely recently had a blog post on the “right” story, which is part of what prompted this.) By the “right way”, I mean I want to do this in a way that will stick. A way that will last.

So. 30 minutes a day. Every day.

More if that’s what happens, but I also want to make sure to continue to have time for the rest of my life. Except in November, of course. November is NaNo, and I will be participating this year.


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