Phone It In

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged with some of my favorite iPhone apps, so I’m going to publish a new list. Some of these may be duplicates, and others will be new. I’ll try to make a note of whether the app is a free or paid app.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Apple, nor any of the companies that make apps. I am just a user and a fan. However, if anyone wanted to GET me a job at Apple, I wouldn’t turn it down. You know, if it was a job I actually could do. Just sayin’.

  1. Where’s My Water? (paid & free versions, published by Disney) – very fun game! And it has secret levels.
  2. Snapseed (probably paid, but possible free version – I got mine from a Starbucks download card) – photo app, with lots of good editing capabilities.
  3. Chipotle (free) – you can order your Chipotle food from home, show up, and pick it up. No waiting in those crazy lines. Very nice.
  4. Carcassonne (paid) – an iPhone/iPad version of the board game, complete with computer opponents or solitaire mode. And the multi-player option actually works really well.
  5. DLR Lines (free app, 30-day trial of features, needs subscription for best access) – only actually useful if you go to Disneyland a lot. Which (as you probably know) I do. It’s got tons of good information for trip planning and crowd data.
  6. MouseWait (free) – another Disneyland app, this one focuses on ride times and is really only as good as the user-provided data.
  7. My Fitness Pal (free) – a calorie tracking app, which helps you to determine your intake for the day. It also calculates the impact of your cardiovascular activity and gives you credit for calories burned.
  8. Wooly (paid) – a fiber craft app that works with Lets you load photos to your projects and access your project pages. I’ve been told by the developers that they are hard at work at an update which will let you edit your Ravelry projects from the app. Looking forward to that!
  9. Nuts! (free) – you play a squirrel running up a tree, trying to collect things and avoid running into branches. Simple, and pretty basic. And surprisingly addictive.
  10. NOT Facebook (free) – yes, I use the Facebook app. But I do NOT like it. I will often quit the app and use the mobile browser because it’s actually a better user experience than the app. Given how many people use Facebook, and use it ON THEIR PHONES, you’d think they’d actually make a good app. Oh well.

Anybody have another good iPhone app I should try out?


5 thoughts on “Phone It In

  1. Interesting. 🙂 My favorite Android apps are Mantano Reader (pd), Dropbox (free), Solitaire (free), Random Mahjongg (pd), Reversi (pd), Find Me Gluten Free (free), Carbonite Access (free), and Pocket (not the “read it later” app, but the secure storage for passwords, etc) (free).

  2. I did not know about Wooly – cool! and I didn’t need to know about Chipotle but….ditto. My favorite apps are probably Plants vs Zombies, IMDB and solitaire.

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