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Book Review: Dime Store Magic

Well, I’ve had Dime Store Magic sitting beside my computer as a reminder to review it for a coupe of weeks now. It’s probably my second favorite of the Women of the Otherworld series, so re-reading it was no chore. (I tend to re-read this one and the one that follows, Industrial Magic at least every other year.)

Since Moonlight Gleam is hosting a monthly read & review contest, I’d better get the review written before the month is out! I need to get better on writing these earlier in the month…

Dime Store Magic As I’ve mentioned, this is my second favorite book of the series. (My favorite is #4, so I’m looking forward to next month’s book.) It has my favorite characters, Lucas and Paige. It has a good plot, and enough of the supernatural world is still unknown to the reader, so there are fun things to discover along with the narrators.

Granted, fans of Elena and Clay will have complaints about this book. Those characters only show up in a phone call. (At least in the next book they have a brief cameo.) But for me, Paige and Lucas are the characters that matter most. They are the ones I want to see more of. And if there’s a werewolf in the book, frankly, I’d rather it was Jeremy. (So yeah – I love No Humans Involved, too.) Or Karl, I like Karl. (Though I don’t like Hope much. So that causes a problem.)

Anyway – back to this book instead of jumping ahead in the series. Yes, there are problems with it. I’m not altogether sure that Savannah would ever have been allowed to stay with Paige, no matter that her aunt says so. I’d suspect magic was involved, except it would have to be cast by the Coven, who are useless.

The Coven are another problem I have with this book. Though, to be fair, I think they are perfectly created characters. The problem I have is with the facet of our culture and society that makes this seem utterly realistic. Yes, I do believe there would be young witches like Paige trying to change things or just getting fed up and leaving. But I am disgusted to have to admit that if the Otherworld truly did exist, the Coven witches are the most realistic and believable characters.

I don’t have the same problems relating to Paige that I had relating to Elena. (This probably is why the spellcasters, and not the werewolves, are my favorite characters.) She has many traits that I could see myself sharing in her situation. The only thing that really bugs me about Paige is her insistence to try to lead the Coven even though they are dead set against actually DOING anything. Then again, that is a huge part of her personal journey for this book, and most of my complaints about her have been resolved by the time we head into book 4.

Thanks again to Lucy for hosting this challenge!


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