10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday ~ Spring Cleaning

Today’s Ten On Tuesday post is supposed to be “10 Items On Your Spring To-Do List.” However, here in Sunny California, it already feels like summer, so it’s really hard to think about a SPRING to-do list.

Nonetheless, I suppose it still is officially spring (and I haven’t gotten nearly as much done this season as I would like, thanks to that wonderful distraction called Skyrim) so I will answer with my spring to-do list instead of my summer one…

10 Items on my Spring To-Do List

  1. Lift weights. Yes, because I want to be stronger and because muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. But mostly because I’m supposed to be flying The Wizard of Oz at the beginning of summer, and so I need to get in shape for it.
  2. Put some serious effort into cleaning out my storage locker. I want to have everything from storage gone through and either put away or gotten rid of by the end of this calendar year, sooner if possible. There’s not a lot of it left, but I don’t have a lot of time for it either.
  3. Get patio furniture. I was going to go shopping Mother’s Day weekend when they had sales. I didn’t. This is still on my to-do list.
  4. Plant something other than cat grass. Not sure what, and it really needs the patio furniture so that I spend time looking at the plants and remembering to water them. Indoor plants won’t work, unless I am prepared for the cat to eat them.
  5. Put aside money for a new smartphone. My contract is up this summer, and I want to switch carriers. Which means I will need a new phone, as Verizon doesn’t support AT&T phones.
  6. Visit Disneyland. This has been done. And will be done again before the season changes.
  7. Go for hikes to see local wildflowers. I’m sure I already missed the peak wildflower season around here, since (as I said) Mother Nature is trying to convince everyone it’s already summer. But there might be a few holdouts I can find.
  8. Ride my bike. Because I don’t want it hanging in the garage collecting dust.
  9. Get the craft room organized. It’s a mess at the moment. Mostly because there’s too much in it. I need to get rid of my traditional CM scrapbooking supplies, since I’ve discovered the joys of digital scrapping. Love it! But one end result is that I have all these supplies I won’t be using now.
  10. Spin more! As in yarn. Because my wheel needs to not be gathering dust, either.

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