Ten On Tuesday – Pinned

Uh oh. I think I’m in trouble this week.

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is “10 items pinned to your bulletin board.” And I’m in trouble because I no longer HAVE a bulletin board. It was huge and got to be more trouble than it was worth, so I donated it to my theatre company. (At least that’s where I think it ended up. That’s where it was intended to go.)

I guess I can try to remember what was on there before I got rid of it… And no, I can’t tell you 10 things that are pinned on my Pintrest, because I am not on Pintrest. I do not want to be on Pintrest. I am avoiding it like the plague. Facebook already sucks up enough time, I’m not joining another internet fad right now.

So… without further ado, here are

10 Things That I Think Used To Be Pinned To My Bulletin Board Before I Gave It Away

  1. A picture of my niece in her first Halloween costume. The costume was a dragon costume that my sister created from thin air, as far as I could tell. It was great.
  2. Fortune cookie fortunes. The good ones. And I have no idea what they said except good things.
  3. A box of push pins, so I wouldn’t lose them. (It worked.)
  4. Business cards for various places. Like my hairdresser, whom I then moved too far away from to use conveniently.
  5. Christmas ornament presents from knitter friends. Said ornaments had been given to me around Christmas, were put in my knitting bag, and then not pulled back out of the bag until after the Christmas things had been put away. They were put on the bulletin board to remind me to put them away. (Of course, I forgot.) I think I moved them to the holiday box when I got rid of the bulletin board.
  6. An inspirational writing quote, because the bulletin board was supposed to be in my writing space. As it was not in said writing space, the quote didn’t do me much good there.
  7. A heart-shaped Valentine’s Day wreath. (It’s a small wreath.) It got put in the same place as the Christmas ornaments when I dismantled the bulletin board. Hopefully that place is “away.” As in, where it belongs.
  8. I think I had a random carabiner on there. Just because.
  9. Rubber bands. (No, I didn’t pin through the bands themselves. I had them clipped together, and the clip hooked onto a straight pin on the board.)
  10. A drawing of my cat and my parents’ cat, as done by my niece when she was rather young. She’s still rather young, so I guess a better description would be “when she was rather younger.”