FO: Bitty Bunnies!

Easter was last weekend, and one of the things that I ended up doing for it was knitting. No, I didn’t make any cute Easter dresses or scarves or mitts. I made bunnies.


I ended up making 6 bunnies, half to send to a friend of mine and half for my niece. (At least, I assume the Easter Bunny found where I hid them and added them to her Easter Basket. I didn’t remember to ask.)

I used leftover sock yarn, and it they were easy peasey to knit. So fast! So fun! Well, mostly. Getting the ears in place was sometimes a challenge.


I found the pattern through my friend, who showed me the bunnies one night when we were out at dinner together. (Her husband and my boyfriend are both very knitter-friendly. You’d have to be, I suppose, when you live with someone who thinks it’s perfectly okay to knit at the dinner table.) She had made a handful, and told me about her plans to make 100 bunnies. Because she could.

The next day, when I looked up the bunny pattern, I decided it really was that easy to make them. And I decided I’d add to her herd of rabbits. (Yes, I just looked it up. That’s what you call a group of rabbits. Not nearly as fun as “a murder of crows” but more sensible, I think.)

And so I knit her some bunnies. I had planned to make two normal colored bunnies and one fantasy colored bunny, and I ended up with Neopolitan Bunnies.


(Now I want ice cream.)

Here’s the specs: (my Rav project here)

PATTERN: Tiny Baby Bunnies
DESIGNER: Anna Hrachovec, from Mochimochi Land
YARN: various leftover sock-weight yarn, mostly KnitPicks Stroll
START/END DATES: 3/31/12 to 4/5/12
MODS: none


7 thoughts on “FO: Bitty Bunnies!

  1. Chris says:

    I knit some of those last Easter, too! So speedy and cute. 🙂

  2. mrspao says:

    Cute 🙂 I think I may have to knit some, too. Perhaps they are breeding like bunnies……

  3. kadootje says:

    Cuute! Annd a tip for the ears, you pul them through with a crochet hook. Much easier!

  4. Lorraine says:

    Nicole- If you put catnip in, they would be good for Suzy.

  5. Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!!
    (or, in this case, Bunny Bunny Bunny)

    Regardless, it is not the first day of the month, so this superstitious repetition comes a little late. Or early.

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