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FO: Bitty Bunnies!

Easter was last weekend, and one of the things that I ended up doing for it was knitting. No, I didn’t make any cute Easter dresses or scarves or mitts. I made bunnies.


I ended up making 6 bunnies, half to send to a friend of mine and half for my niece. (At least, I assume the Easter Bunny found where I hid them and added them to her Easter Basket. I didn’t remember to ask.)

I used leftover sock yarn, and it they were easy peasey to knit. So fast! So fun! Well, mostly. Getting the ears in place was sometimes a challenge.


I found the pattern through my friend, who showed me the bunnies one night when we were out at dinner together. (Her husband and my boyfriend are both very knitter-friendly. You’d have to be, I suppose, when you live with someone who thinks it’s perfectly okay to knit at the dinner table.) She had made a handful, and told me about her plans to make 100 bunnies. Because she could.

The next day, when I looked up the bunny pattern, I decided it really was that easy to make them. And I decided I’d add to her herd of rabbits. (Yes, I just looked it up. That’s what you call a group of rabbits. Not nearly as fun as “a murder of crows” but more sensible, I think.)

And so I knit her some bunnies. I had planned to make two normal colored bunnies and one fantasy colored bunny, and I ended up with Neopolitan Bunnies.


(Now I want ice cream.)

Here’s the specs: (my Rav project here)

PATTERN: Tiny Baby Bunnies
DESIGNER: Anna Hrachovec, from Mochimochi Land
YARN: various leftover sock-weight yarn, mostly KnitPicks Stroll
START/END DATES: 3/31/12 to 4/5/12
MODS: none


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