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WIP “Weds” – back to knitting

I had meant to write this post yesterday. And then time got away from me and I didn’t. So now it’s late, and I’ll be posting the pictures from my mobile instead of my computer, so I can’t guarantee that they will look right. But that’s okay because I meant well. Right? Right.

So, it’s been some time now since I posted a WiP Weds that actually had something to do with knitting. But here we go!

I’ve finished the Waterfall socks, so you won’t see them. Instead, I’ve pulled out a pair of socks that’s been worked on here and there but not finished yet:


The Star Trek socks. I still love knitting them. But I love knitting them less than I did when I thought they were going to continue to fit me. And really, who knows? I haven’t tried them on in a little while. The day they didn’t fit me might have been a fluke. Swollen feet or something.

Then again, they might not fit and one of my family members might be getting new handknit socks for Christmas. We’ll have to see.


I’ve also been knitting on the former mystery shawl, now known as Diantha. It’s truly lovely. I adore it. (Plus it’s knit with alpaca laceweight, which is a joy.) One bonus to not showing off my knitting in a while is that I can now show you what the progress actually looks like on this shawl:


It’s going to be lovely when I finish it. At the rate I’m going, it will take a while, but I still hope to have it done soon. I’m slowly but surely clearing out the WiPs and replacing them with FOs, so that’s a good sign.


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