Ten on Tuesday: 3.27.12 ~ Moving

Today’s Ten on Tuesday prompt is “10 Tips for Moving.” I thought about being cute, and turning it into moving-aka-exercise instead of moving-from-one-house-to-another, but frankly I have more ideas for tips on house moving than exercise. So no cute plays on words for me. Oh well.

1. Have a plan. Whether this be to start at the back of the house, to pack non-essentials first, or to wait until the last second and let the movers do it doesn’t matter as much as having a plan does. Try to stick to your plan, too.

2. Protect your pets. For me, this means locking the cat in the bathroom whenever the door will be open for long periods of time. Your mileage may vary, but if you have a pet make sure they don’t get lost or left behind during the moving process. (Or in the case of some family friends, make sure they’re not hiding out in the box spring before packing the bed into the moving truck.)

3. Get help. I don’t care how little stuff you think you have, or how strong you think you are. You will need help. Even if it’s just help to keep yourself sane while you pack all your worldly belongings into boxes.

4. Keep a sense of humor. When my family moves, there are inevitably boxes labelled “stuff” and “more stuff”. There are boxes where one of the items listed is “spider”. But you know what? It helps keep us laughing, which keeps us sane. (Or at least happily insane. I’m not sure which.)

5. Eat. Because if it’s not on your list and you are anything like me, you WILL FORGET. And forgetting to eat is a bad thing.

6. Location, location, location. Once at the new house, make sure boxes and furniture end up in (or at least near) the room where they will live. it is so much easier to move things right the first time than to have to shuffle boxes around because the movers dump everything in the garage. (Ask me how I know this.)

7. Paint first. I know, it sounds simple. It seems like something you would take for granted as the proper order. But if you decide to “wait until we’re settled in” before painting rooms the way you want them, it will take so. Much. Longer.

8. Find a good take-out place right away. Because you will not want to cook when you can’t find your kitchen boxes. (Well, you might want to, but you won’t be able to, which amounts to the same thing.) As a sub-item, make sure you have paper plates and plastic cups on hand, too. Because after having your dishes wrapped up in moving paper, even if you can find them, you will likely want to wash them before using them. (That stuff is dusty!)

9. Play in the packing peanuts. Have a nerf war before unpacking any breakables. Or have a pillow fight. Or jump on the mattress before you put up the bedframe. In other words, HAVE FUN. If you have pets, make sure to include them in the fun so they can get used to the new house.

10. Drink lots. (I meant water, but that works too.) It’s just as easy to get dehydrated as it is to get hungry when you’re involved in something like moving. Maybe even easier.

5 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: 3.27.12 ~ Moving

  1. You never can have too many spiders! 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    The water one is always a gotcha for me when I help people move – I get so involved in doing that I just forget.

  3. mk says:

    Love the drink lots suggestion…I will plan on a pitcher of Mrgaritas after the task is compete!

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