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WIP Weds – carded

So, sometimes I will show off a WIP that’s not knitting. Such is the case today.

Today, I have some finished cards to show you. (Yes, technically that makes them FOs, but I’m not being picky today. There has been progress on the knitting, but not a whole lot of easily visible progress. Besides, my card-making is kinda an ongoing WIP, so I’m counting it. Because I can.)

These cards are going to be presents for some of my knitting buddies who have birthdays. Luckily, (I think) these particular knitters don’t read the blog. And if they do, they can pretend to be surprised anyway.

3-2012 cards 1

I experimented with epoxy quote stickers this time around, and I’m pretty pleased how the cards turned out. I didn’t want to use too much paper or other embellishment, to highlight the simplicity of the epoxy stickers. I think it worked.

3-2012 cards 2

The main complaint I have about these cards in particular is the paper I used to make them. It’s scrapbooking paper, rather than cardstock, and the edges of some of the papers get fuzzy when cut. Drives. Me. Nuts. I have to pull off the fuzzies and hope I don’t tear the paper.

Anyway, that’s the craft project on display today. Maybe next week I’ll have more measurable knitting progress to show off.


5 thoughts on “WIP Weds – carded

  1. I didn’t know you were into paper crafts!!! Gorgeous cards. I’ve avoided using the epoxy embellishments on cards because they cost more to mail but have to say I love the look.

  2. Oh, those are beautiful! I just love your creativity; you branch out into so many craft areas (successfully too).

    I agree with Lorraine. I much prefer to find a unique blank card and being creative on the inside.

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