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WiP It: the Weird Edition

Why is is weird, you ask? Well, besides the fact that it’s my blog post, my knitting, and I am weird?

Here’s the thing: since I’ve last checked in, I’ve done a lot of knitting. Only, since I have FINISHED the TWO projects that I was knitting on, it doesn’t look like there’s been much progress. So, I’ll do the best I can, but you’ll have to wait to see what I’ve really been working on until I can show off the FOs. (One of them was the February Fetchings, but the other hasn’t shown up on the blog or at my S&B at all. Weird.)

I’ve been working on my Waterfall socks, and since I had about half of a road-trip in which to knit (the other half was me driving or not great lighting) I’ve managed to get a fair bit done on these. I’m past the heel turn now, and into the leg patterning. Now I just have to get it to the same length as the first one – I really have no idea how much longer that is right now, just that it’s significant – and then I’ll have a new pair of socks. Yay!

Waterfall Sock 3/13/12

I really love this yarn. It works well in this pattern, too, which is enough to be interesting and yet not anything like overpowering.

I haven’t knit much on the Diantha Shawl (which was the Susana IC Mystery Shawl) but here’s it’s current progress:


And I am about to cast something on to test out for a friend. She’s used it for a sock pattern, but I think I’m going to make the cuff of a pair of mitts instead. They’ll go faster, and also help show the different ways you can use the pattern. Once she’s got it finalized and such, I’ll link to it plenty, but for now, here’s what I’ll be casting on:

New Break It Up yarn

Sock leftovers can be great for lots of things, and I’ve always wanted to make a matched pair of socks and mitts. (Okay, in this case the pattern won’t be matched, but the yarn will.) Of course, I might need to use a different yarn once I pass the cuff, it depends on how long I make these mitts.

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!


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