10 on Tuesday

Ten On Tuesday – The Purse Game

One of my favorite things to do at a bridal shower is the purse game, so it’s no real surprise that I enjoyed reading the prompt for today’s Ten on Tuesday blog post:

Ten Things In Your Purse

1. My iPhone. It’s not always in my purse, but it is sometimes, and it’s the thing I worry most about losing, including my wallet.

2. Speaking of… my wallet. With very little money in it, these days. Then again, this is partly because my debit card takes up less space and is accepted in nearly as many places as cash.

3. I have postage stamps, though, which fewer people can say in this day and age.

4. My iPhone earbuds. Since California has the no-handheld-cell-use law in effect (which is a good thing, I think) these are a must if I want to have a conversation while driving. True, I could use the speakerphone legally, but the call quality just isn’t as good.

5. PENS. I am a writer. I have pens. Though I did just switch to a smaller purse about a week ago, so I don’t have any paper in my purse at the moment. I guess my iPhone is covering that task as well.

6. My glasses. I’m of two minds about needing glasses. I’ve always wanted glasses (yes, I’m weird) but didn’t like the idea of HAVING to carry them around all the time. Now that I need them for driving and have to carry them around, it does rather limit the size of purse I am able to carry.

7. Pain meds. I get headaches often enough that I try to never be without these.

8. Gum. Because sometimes you need it. Though it’s been a while since I’ve used it.

9. Pads. Self-explanatory.

10. Starbucks drink stoppers. Because I don’t always remember to grab them when I get tea at Starbucks, and also because other coffee shops don’t seem to have similar items.


3 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday – The Purse Game

  1. I have stamps in my wallet, carry an assortment of pens and keep paper in my purse. On the other hand, i do think that driving with earbuds in is also a not allowed, but i could be wrong and confuse two countries 🙂

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