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WIP Weds ~ Leap Day

Here’s a quick WIP Wednesday for a Leap Day:

First of all, I have re-cast-on for the Susana IC Mystery Shawl. It’s been named, but I’m not where I can access Ravelry and remind myself of the real name at the moment. So the Mystery Shawl it will remain for now. However, since the final pattern has been released now, I will be blogging my progress the way I originally said I wasn’t (due to the mystery, which now isn’t).

Side note: If I seem to ramble today, it’s because I got very little sleep on Monday night, and while I was fine yesterday and slept well last night, the prior night is now catching up to me. Fun fun.

So: the Mystery-Shawl-which-now-isn’t. Here’s the current progress:


I still love it. Alpaca laceweight and beads. Awesome. I did decide to add a few beads part-way up the pattern, though not too many. There are also beads new the cast off edge, I believe. Hopefully this will be enough beading for me.

Secondly, here is the progress on the second Waterfall sock. I have just started the gusset increases and will be turning the heel pretty soon.


The yarn on these socks is wonderful. I am so thrilled that Zauberballs are fun to knit with in addition to being fun colors. The yarn feels great in my hands as I work with it. Here’s hoping it holds up well as socks. I’ve knit a shawlette out of it, which is lovely, but I haven’t done socks with this yarn before. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it wears well.

Lastly, you are not going to get to see the February Fetchings in this last post of February. Why? Because they’re finished, and FOs don’t belong in a WIP post. I didn’t get their photo shoot done yet, though. I also think they might need blocking, but we’ll have to see. They might show up on Friday, or you might have to wait (depending on the decision on blocking). Either way, have a great hump day! Today has turned out to be a much better day than yesterday or Monday, so I have good hopes for March. Cheers!


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