WIP Weds ~ Crochet Me This

There are lots of projects in the works for me, but this past week saw two get more time spent on them than any of the others: the Babette blanket and the February Fetchings.

Both are fun, though one will be done this week while the other may not be finished for years. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

First up, the Fetchings. These are a fun knit, but I guess I think of them as a little to mindless. As in, I just knit one mitt, so I know the pattern, right? I don’t need to refer back to it for the second mitt, once I’ve cast on and established the pattern.

Fixing Fetchings

Hmm. Actually, I guess I do. Luckily the only thing I did wrong was to knit the entire body of the mitt, rather than working it in a k4p1 pattern. Oh well. At least all I had to do to fix it was to ladder back every 5th stitch until I reached the point where I went wrong, and then work it back up going the correct direction.

If it weren’t for that, I’d be done with these already. As it is, next time you see them will be their FO post.

And on to the Babette:

Babette squares for 2-20-12

I’m not going to talk about it much because there’s not much new to say. It’s still fun to crochet, and I still love making it, but it’s going to be just plugging along making squares of various sizes for some time now. When the end seems to be in sight I’m sure I’ll talk about it more. For now, I’ll just post pictures of new squares (see above) when I have some to show you.


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