Random Friday

I have heard it said that 5 things make a blog post. So, here are my five things for today:

1. I love scrapbooking. Lately I’ve been doing the digital version of it, for multiple reasons. Chief among these reasons are that my photos are all digital and this way I don’t have to print them, and that I love the end result. It’s also – for me – so much faster.

2. I guess when you’re having a birthday celebration for a knitter friend, it helps to make sure the birthday knitter is going to be at the stitch ‘n’ bitch. Otherwise you end up with a pile of presents and no one to open them.

3. We discovered today that I am older than Space… Space Mountain, that is. I won’t comment on being older than space itself.

4. My cat makes weird noises in order to try to convince me that she is starving. I suspect all cat owners know the type of noises I refer to.

5. Speaking of cats… it is very hard to do seated yoga poses with a cat in your lap. They should create a yoga pose designed to create lap space for said cat.

Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s a bit of eye candy for the road.

Dad's Garden 06


5 thoughts on “Random Friday

  1. When I used to still be able to do yoga (can no longer due to my arthritic knee…), I used to have to close the door to the room. Hard to get into a Sun Salutation groove when you knock over a poor cat while going into plank… :/

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