Ten on Tuesday – a view of the knitting

Today’s Ten on Tuesday is “10 things you can see from your favorite knitting spot”.

Well, I don’t have one favorite knitting spot, really, it’s more like several. However, here’s some things I can see from all of them:

1. The current knitting. Hopefully it’s not too dark…

2. My cat.

3. My knitting buddies.

4. Tea! No matter where I knit, there is often tea. (Speaking of tea… it’s time for another cuppa.)

5. Cookies! (See above. Sadly, there are not cookies quite as often as I would like there to be. Then again, it’s probably better this way.)

6. A good movie on TV.

7. Or whatever Xbox game my honey is playing on the TV.

8. And, in that case, I’d have a good view of my honey, too.

9. A book. (Yes, I multi-task, and can read and knit at the same time.)

10. Sunshine! At least some of the time…

As for a picture of what I knit in my favorite knitting spot(s), you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see that.


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