Friday Night WIPs

So today will just be a quick WIP post, mostly because I’m on my lunch break at the moment (having gotten sucked into re-playing Myst last night instead of writing a blog post) and am writing this on my mobile.

(Side note: I love being able to write long sentences that are still grammatically correct. English majors FTW!)

At knit night last night I bound off the first Waterfall sock and started the second. I sill love the yarn and pattern, and just hope I can finish these in time to wear them before the California summer comes back. Unlike some of my SnB, I don’t wear wool socks in the summer, no matter how lovely the handknit.

Here’s the current sock progress:


Have a great weekend, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Friday Night WIPs

  1. Chris says:

    Pretty sock, that one! 🙂 Have a great weekend yourself!

  2. Carrie#K says:

    High Five!

    Nice sock! Have a fun weekend.

  3. mrspao says:

    Your Waterfall sock is gorgeous!

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