FO… Wednesday?

Okay, so I’m putting up a knitting post on Wednesday that ISN’T a WIP post. Sorry. I’ll do the WIP post (most likely) on Friday, where I normally would have put this post. Just to change things up a bit.

There’s actually quite a good reason why I’m doing an FO post instead of a WIP post today. (Side note, I know the correct grammar would be “an WIP”, but it sounds weird. Besides, most people probably would think I was wrong for doing it right.) This reason I mention is because I’ve put most of my recent knitting time into finishing these:

Finished Sky Pirates 1

The Last of the Sky Pirates!

I have spoken before about my issues with the way the pattern was written, so I’ll not go into that again. Instead, let me just say that these are a FUN finished item. I am really looking forward to wearing them.

(For those who are curious and unaware, the little guy at the back is a Pocket Dragon. This particular one is called “Fantastic Flying Fluffballs,” and I thought it was particularly appropriate.)

Finished Sky Pirates 2

I did make one mod to the pattern. Instead of using the M1 increases as written, I used yarn overs. If there was supposed to be a hole in the finished fabric, I knit the YO normally. If there was not supposed to be a hole, I knit through the back loop. Simple. And much easier to remember which one I needed to do at which time. It also left – IMO – a more consistently sized hole. The holes go on the gusset on the back side of the hand, like so:

Sky Pirates close

Now, this isn’t technically a mod, but the pattern suggests sewing up the flap after you finish knitting it and sewing on the buttons. Personally, I do not want to knit a pair of mitts with a WORKING BUTTON FLAP just to SEW IT UP. So. My buttons are still practical (aka working) buttons. No sewing it up for me, if I can help it!

And then the buttons.

Sky Pirates Buttons

Love them! They really complete the steampunk feel the pattern is supposed to invoke.

And now for the specs: (My Ravelry page)

PATTERN: The Last of the Sky Pirates (Ravelry)
DESIGNER: Maggie Fangmann
YARN: Knit Picks Stroll in Sprinkle Heather
MODS: See above (increase type, working button band)
START/END DATES: 12/15/11 – 1/30/12


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